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  • Alf, a case study

    by Gary Jennings BSc, BVetMed, MRCVS at Hook Norton Veterinary Group, Banbury, Oxfordshire

    Hook Norton Veterinary Group, alongside other XLVet Practices are running a summer long campaign to help owners Scratch below the surface and raise awareness of various skin conditions and seasonal allergies. We want to work alongside owners, helping to identify and manage their pet’s conditions.

  • Help us ditch the itch!

    by Lois Cowie BVMS MRCVS at Allen and Partners Veterinary Services Ltd, Carmarthenshire

    Clients invited to bring in their itchy pets to the practice.

    Most of us will have suffered from Chicken pox at some point in our lives - even almost three decades on I can still remember the agonising desire to scratch myself raw.  None of us would want our pet, a treasured family member, to feel like that.

  • Pet allergies – treatment and management

    by Richard Morris BSc, BVetMed, CertVD, MRCVS, RCVS Recognised Advanced Practitioner (Veterinary Dermatology) at Fenwold Veterinary Practice, Spilsby, Lincolnshire

    It’s been a busy week for skin problems, what with the pollen season starting and fleas becoming more active in the warmer weather.

  • Scratch below the surface: why XLVets small animal are offering a dermatology initiative

    by Ann Mottram at XLVets

    Skin conditions, such as ear infections and allergies, are some of the most common health problems to affect our pets. It’s fairly common to see your pet sit back, raise a leg, and have a good old scratch behind the ear. Most of the time you probably don’t think much of it, but there may be a more serious condition lurking under your pet’s fur coat.